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Sonographer by Ultrasound

Our Services

3setmed provide fully managed ultrasound services. We offer comprehensive ultrasound service at affordable prices. All diagnostic scans are performed using the highest class ultrasound equipment and fully qualified, experience sonographers.

Sonographer by Ultrasound

Womens Scans

We provide a selection of scans from pelvis scans pre-menopausal and also for women of child-bearing ages.

Mother and child well-being top of our priority, we perform early viable scans from 6 weeks, early fetal scan from 12 weeks, anomaly scan from 22 weeks and 3rd trimester anomaly scan from 28 weeks.

Sonographer by Ultrasound

Mens Scans

We can offer scans for men to check thyroid, muscle, tendons, ligaments, abdomen, kidneys, bladder etc.

Ultrasound can be used to assess joint issues such as tendinitis, arthritis, fluid in the joints etc and it can also be assess the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, hip and ankle. We can also perform scans as requested.

Want to work with us?

Are you a licensed sonographer with at least 3 years experience and competent in the use of all ultrasound equipment for the acquisition, processing and manipulation of images.

The minimum scanning requirements for this role is Gynaecology and general abdominal ultrasound is essential. This includes scanning, independent reporting and onward recommendation of all modalities in line with local guidelines and protocols. Small parts, MSK, vascular and possibly paediatrics ultrasound skills are desirable.

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Sonographer by Ultrasound

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We are located at 33 Laje Road. Beside UNIMED teaching hospital, Ondo, Nigeria.

Tel: +234 704 789 2783, +234 704 362 6688, or UK +44 7547 027 921

Sonographer by Ultrasound