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Welch Allyn

Medical, Clinical and Laboratory Sales

We are committed to providing the best quality service and takes pride in being a leading provider of clinical, medical and laboratory equipment supplier to both clients and organisations.

Philips Monitor

Patient Monitors

We sell a wide range of patient monitors with specifications based on your preference and choice.

Whether you a monitoring patients remotely or at the bedside, you'll find the necessary patient monitoring devices and equipment with us . Our continuous monitoring, remote patient monitoring and vital signs monitoring solutions can be perfect for your clinic or hospital.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs Monitors

Have confidence that our vital signs monitors will capture patient information that is secure, simple and connected.

Wherever your healthcare journey goes, you can find our devices in clinics, Accident and Emergency, intensive care unit, surgery suite, hospital rooms on the general floor, in urgent care centers, and, sometimes, in your home. Our medical devices and digital health products are designed with a patient-centric focus to enhance care, speed recovery and help deliver the best possible outcomes.

Baby scales by SECA

Seca Baby Scales

The Seca scales weigh babies lying down and toddlers standing up.

High-quality baby scale with calibration approval at an economical price, Thanks to its versatility and light weight, this calibrated baby scale makes it the ideal companion for anybody who is out and about on child healthcare business.

blood pressure monitor

Blood Pressure Monitors

OMRON M7 upper arm blood pressure monitor is a simple, easy to use automatic blood pressure monitor that has been clinically validated for people who are pregnant, including pre- eclampsia or the diabetic population.

The M7 gives you the ability to get accurate results from any position on your arm, and also comes with body movement detection which will signal you if there is too much movement during the blood pressure readings.



Pulse oximeters monitor the amount of oxygen carried in the body. This noninvasive tool attaches painlessly to your fingertip, sending two wavelengths of light through the finger to measure your pulse rate and how much oxygen is in your system

Your SpO2 reading is an estimation of the amount of oxygen in your blood. An SpO2 reading of 95% or greater is generally considered to be a normal oxygen level. However, an SpO2 reading of 92% or less (at sea level) suggests that your blood is poorly saturated. Insufficient saturation can cause a range of adverse health conditions—including chest pain, shortness of breath and increased heart rate.

Foetal Doppler

Foetal Doppler Monitors

It measures the fetal & maternal heart rates separately to enhance diagnostic confidence. This antepartum and intrapartum monitor provides a wide range of readings.

These include separate maternal pulse measurement; integrated monitoring of maternal pulse rate and blood pressure; external monitoring of fetal heart rates, uterine activity, and fetal movement; and an extensive set of internal fetal parameters such as direct fetal heart rate and uterine pressure.

Clinical/Lab Sales

3setmed also supply NHS/UK medical and clinical equipment for clinic and hospitals across Nigeria.

We source our supplies from reputable companies in the UK with all equipment serviced and guaranteed for efficiency and peace of mind.

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